Innovative Bus Stop Ad Provides Engagement, Useful Data for Skiers

Engadget reported several weeks ago about this unique bus stop advertising display in Norway that actually produces “snow.” Tryvann Winter Park was looking for a means to not only engage potential visitors, but also to provide valuable information for skiers: namely, is it snowing? Since it could easily be snowing at Tryvann and sunny and warm(ish) in nearby Oslo, Tryvann needed a way to remind commuters and potential customers that despite the weather in Oslo, the slopes were ready and waiting for them just 15 minutes away–close enough for a last-second decision that might, indeed, be based on the weather at Tryvann.
Leading outdoor advertiser JCDecaux came up with a technology that allowed a text message from Tryvann to activate a display of swirling, fake “snow” in an otherwise clear glass panel. This technology provided Tryvann with a means to update their own display (by texting when snow was falling) and provide an engaging call to action to come vist the resort. What makes advertising like this so effective and, dare I say it, welcome is not just the “oh wow” factor of seeing it snow at a bus stop, but the fact that the display actually provided desirable, real-time data that a skier would want to know, catching that skier in transit and potentially at a time and place where they might consider a quick weekend trip to Tryvann. When out of home advertising is interactive and creative, it leads to engagement–but when it actually provides desirable information to a target in a receptive setting, it can be magic. Kudos to TBWA/Oslo, JCDecaux and Tryvann Winter Park for an innovative and effective campaign.

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