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Edison Conducts Iowa Entrance Polls, Calls Obama and Huckabee Winners

Entry by Tom Webster | Saturday, January 5th, 2008 | Permalink

On Jan 3, Edison polled almost 4,000 caucus goers in Iowa to determine their candidate choice and the reasons for their preference. Our results showed wins for Barak Obama and Mike Huckabee along with a record turnout for Iowa. Edison entrance polls were used to determine key information about caucus goers, including demographic data, important issues and (in the case of the Democratic caucus) the second choice candidates. Edison’s election team captured, processed and analyzed thousands of data points within the short duration of the caucuses and enabled our member clients and subscribers real-time access to in-depth analysis of the Iowa results.

Iowa Caucus Results


Iowa Republican Caucus Straw Poll Results Percentage
Huckabee 34.29%
Romney 25.32%
Thompson 13.37%
McCain 13.13%
Paul 9.99%
Guiliani 3.46%
Hunter 0.44%

Iowa Democratic Caucus State Delegate Equivalents Results Percentage
Obama 37.58%
Edwards 29.75%
Clinton 29.47%
Richardson 2.11%
Biden 0.93%
Uncommitted 0.14%
Dodd 0.02%

Caucus Entrance Poll Results

For more analysis and results from the Iowa caucuses, please visit our member sites:

Republican Party actual vote results can be found at, while Iowa Democratic Party actual vote results are located at

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