Exit Polls Complete in Florida; Edison Calls McCain, Clinton Winners

On Tuesday, January 29th, Edison Media Research successfully conducted exit polls at precincts all across Florida, surveying over 3000 respondents at Republican and Democratic primaries statewide to identify voter demographics, important issues and candidate preference. The Republican primary was won by John McCain, while the Democratic primary was won by Hillary Clinton. Because Florida moved its primaries earlier than previously authorized by national Republican and Democratic party leadership, Republicans were penalized half of their alloted delegates, and Democrats all of theirs. In addition, Democrats were not permitted to campaign in the state prior to the Primary.

As in the Michigan and South Carolina primaries, the economy continued to be the leading issue in Florida, with a majority of both Democrats and Republicans indicating it was the most important factor informing their vote. The Florida primaries also saw the exit of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who finished third in the Republican contest.

Florida Primary Results


Florida Democratic Primary Percentage
Clinton 50%
Obama 33%
Edwards 14%
Kucinich 1%

Florida Republican Primary Percentage
McCain 36%
Romney 31%
Giuliani 15%
Huckabee 14%
Paul 3%
Thompson 1%

Florida Exit Poll Data

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