Pelosi Joins Cheney in the Political Polling Cellar

pelosi-bush-cheney.jpgA new Gallup survey shows Nancy Pelosi with nearly identical (low) favorability ratings to the poster child of polarizing politicians — Dick Cheney. Both had roughly the same favorability ratings in the latest survey, with Pelosi at 34% favorable and 50% unfavorable, and Cheney at 37% favorable and 54% unfavorable (and yes, that means 9% still don’t have an opinion of the former VP).
While Pelosi has never enjoyed stellar ratings since becoming Speaker, her fortunes have declined significantly over the last six months according to Gallup. Pelosi’s raised profile and the recent CIA interrogation technique controversy helped erode the small amount of Republican support she had enjoyed (down from 21% to 9%) as well as her middling support among Independents (down from 37% to 25%). Overall, Pelosi’s favorability numbers were down from 42% to 34% and her unfavorable ratings up from 41% to 50%.
With his flurry of television appearances Cheney has jumped back into the media limelight. The analysis has been near unanimous that the Republicans are net losers from the Cheney-as-front-man situation. Still, the former Vice President has actually seen a slight rebound to his dismal ratings since his latest media push. Cheney’s favorable rating has bounced from 30% to 37% (thanks to modest gains among both Republicans and Independents).
Aside from the chance to redeem his popularity and get things off his chest, Cheney may have a more compelling reason for his media blitz: The New York Times reports that Cheney is actively shopping his book deal.

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