2012 National Election Poll Subscriber Information

2012 Election Exit Polls – Information For Subscribers

What We Do

Exit Polls are administered only minutes after voters leave their polling places. The survey results are the best tools available to help understand the motivations and patterns behind the vote.

Exit Polls provide detailed information about:

- Who the voters are

-Demographic breakdowns by age, gender, ethnicity, education, employment and political identity

-What local/regional/national concerns affect voter decisions

-Regional distinctions that color results within a state, region or the nation

The Exit Poll data is available for purchase by TV stations, newspapers, Internet sites and other news outlets. Subscriptions to our surveys greatly enhance Election Night coverage for your audience, branding your company as a primary source for the most thorough coverage. It is our goal to make data available to our subscribers with speed, clarity and most importantly accuracy. The polling data is delivered through a secure web application directly to subscribers on Election Day.

A complete list of the races we will be covering in 2012 can be found here.

In addition to our Election Night subscriptions, survey data may be purchased one week after voting at a reduced cost. Data will also be provided to the Roper Center in 2013.

What You Get

Edison’s secure web system delivers your data clearly and efficiently.


Subscribers will receive:

Statewide crosstab reports, beginning in the late afternoon and updated throughout election night.

Detailed demographics, including age, gender, income, education, employment, and other key factors. Voter responses to current issue and candidate quality questions.

The ability to view all data in horizontal and vertical crosstab format.

Printer-friendly PDF of exit poll results.

The ability to chat with your subscriber contact via telephone and a Live Chat Messenger System on Election Day.

Projected results at poll closing for races with clear outcomes. If a race can not be called at poll closing, we will remain in communication throughout election night and inform you when a projection will be made.

After the polls close, if the results indicate a clear outcome, Edison Research will project the winner. If a race can not be called at poll closing, we will remain in communication throughout election night and inform you when a projection will be made.


Subscriptions for Local, Regional, National and International media outlets are available. Data can be purchased at the statewide, regional and national level. Subscription prices vary by type of media outlet and by size of state and media market. The range is $1100 to $6300 per state. Results for the National Exit Poll are available for $33,000.

Contact Mary Meyn for more information concerning a proposal for your organization.


Past Subscribers Include: