Edison Congratulates the 2008 “30 Under 30″

At this year’s Conclave Learning Conference: At the Crossroads, Edison honored the recipients of their 30 Under 30 Award.

(Pictured from Left to Right: Chris Thomas, Sean Ross, Ian Bush, Jim Bezak, Tre Day, Tazz Daddy, Blake Florence, Sarah Harris, Alex Roman, Joshua Wilkey, Scott Herrold and Daniel Anstandig)

A special luncheon and awards ceremony was held for the Conclave guests on Saturday, June 28th. The event was hosted by Comic and Syndication One morning host, Rickey Smiley. Rickey offered the audience a taste of his stand up routine as well as an insightful interview with BMI’s legendary songwriting duo Isaac Hayes and David Porter.
Sean Ross, Executive Vice President of Edison Media Research presented the 30 young professionals their awards to honor their achievements and contributions to the radio industry.
Congratulations again to the 2008 “30 Under 30″!
Tazz “Daddy” Anderson, Daniel Anstandig, Rob Anthony, Jim Bezak, Ian Bush, Charlamagne, Justin Chase, Tommy Chuck, Ryan Dokke, Meg Dowdy, Blake Florence, Sarah Harris, Scott Herrold, James “Doubledown” Howard, Talya Johnson, Jake Kaplan, Carly Laskey, Marisa Magnatta, Kyle McCoy, Rich McLaughlin, Amy Miller, Courtney Quinn, Sisanie Reategui, Justin Riley, Alex Roman, Travis “TreDay” Rowan, Thomas “Chase” Rupe, David Snoble, Chris Thomas and Joshua Wilkey

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