Edison Conducts Super Tuesday Exit Polling; Successfully Executes One Of The Largest One-Day Survey Research Projects In History

On February 5th, 2008, Edison Media Research successfully conducted exit polls for 16 Democratic and 15 Republican primaries all across the United States, on what has become known as “Super Tuesday.” Edison’s national network of interviewers collected data outside hundreds of precincts in crucial states ranging from Massachusetts to California. In one day Edison collected, processed and analyzed data from almost 30,000 respondents, enabling our clients and subscribers real-time access to crucial information about voter demographics, important issues and candidate preference.

Edison Executive Vice President Joe Lenski noted “I am extraordinarily proud of the accomplishments of the Edison team. Pulling off nearly 30,000 interviews in 16 states, with the grueling schedule we have faced during this primary season, is a significant accomplishment, and our staff did a wonderful job. Thanks to their dedication and skill, our clients and subscribers were able to access accurate, critical data all night long on one of the most challenging election days in history.” The Super Tuesday exit poll is believed to be the second-largest single-day survey research project ever conducted, exceeded only by Edison’s national exit poll of the 2004 general election. Edison analysts predict that the 2008 Presidential Election this fall will, in fact, become the largest one-day survey project ever conducted, with Edison interviewers covering well over a thousand precincts across America.

States Covered By Edison on Super Tuesday


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