Edison Conducts Politico/TargetPoint Exit Poll of Tax Day Tea Party Protest

Edison Research, the sole provider of exit polling data during U.S. National Elections for the major news networks, was recently engaged by Politico and TargetPoint to conduct an exit poll of the Tax Day Tea Party event on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. last Thursday. Edison’s exit polling team asked participants a variety of questions about the Tea Partiers’ views on the direction of the country and even who they supported for President in 2012.
For more on our Tea Party exit polling efforts, see the related article at Politico.com.

2 replies
  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    Please provide the numers.
    How many were in attendance at this rally, the number of Edison employees or those acting upon their behalf asking for responses/replies, what were the questions….etc.
    Please provide the details.

  2. Tom Webster
    Tom Webster says:

    That is all in the hands of our clients, Craig. I believe if you click through to the Politico article linked above, you’ll find some of what you are looking for.
    Thanks for reading!


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