Edison Exit Polls Pennyslvania Democratic Primary

Calls Clinton as Winner


On Tuesday, April 22nd, Edison Media Research successfully conducted exit polls at precincts all across Pennsylvania, surveying over 2200 respondents voting at Democratic primaries to identify voter demographics, important issues and candidate preference. Senator Hillary Clinton was the victor by a ten-point margin in this contest for Pennsylvania’s 158 delegates.

Exit Polling data for the Democratic contest included voter opinions on the economy, the U.S. war in Iraq, and the perceived trustworthiness of both Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. In addition, we asked questions ranging from voters’ perceptions of the “fairness” of both candidates’ recent attack ads, to which candidate voters believed would win regardless of how they personally voted. In all primaries, critical real-time information was fed to the major news networks and the Associated Press, enabling these organizations to make timely, accurate calls throughout the evening and to provide their audiences with important post-election analysis.

Pennslylvania Primary Results


Pennsylvania Democratic Primary Percentage
Clinton 55%
Obama 45%

Pennsylvania Exit Poll Data

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