Edison Conducts Michigan Primary Exit Polls

On Tuesday, January 15th, Edison Media Research successfully conducted exit polls at precincts all across Michigan, surveying over 2300 respondents at Republican and Democratic primaries statewide to identify voter demographics, important issues and candidate preference. The Republican primary was won by Mitt Romney, while the Democratic primary was won by Hillary Clinton. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) stripped Michigan of its 156 delegates for moving their primary outside of the DNC-approved timeframe, which resulted in the withdrawal of a number of Democratic candidates.

The incomplete Democratic slate and inclement weather on the day of the primary contributed to below-average turnout for the Democratic primary, estimated to be 600,000 persons. A summary of the results is below, followed by links to more detailed results

Michigan Primary Results


Michigan Democratic Primary Percentage
Clinton 55%
Uncommitted 40%
Kucinich 4%
Dodd 1%

Michigan Republican Primary Percentage
Romney 39%
McCain 30%
Huckabee 16%
Paul 6%
Thompson 4%
Giuliani 3%

Michigan Exit Poll Data

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