Edison Conducts Iowa Entrance Polls; Iowa GOP Declares Santorum Winner

On Jan 3, 2012, Edison polled over 1,700 Republican caucus goers in Iowa to determine their candidate choice and the reasons for their preference. Our Entrance Polls, conducted on behalf of the National Election Pool (NEP), showed three distinct groups supporting Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. In what would be the closest race in Iowa Caucus history, the Iowa Republican Party declared Rick Santorum the winner over Mitt Romney by 34 votes, with Ron Paul finishing third.

Turnout in Iowa was a record 122,225 votes, besting 2008’s previous mark of 119,207 votes. Edison’s election team polled 40 caucus locations, and our entrance polls were used to determine key information from caucus goers, including demographic data, important issues and the “electability” of the various candidates. Edison’s election team captured, processed and analyzed thousands of data points within the short duration of the caucuses and enabled our member clients and subscribers real-time access to in-depth analysis of the Iowa results.

Iowa Republican Caucus Results

Candidate Percentage
Santorum (declared winner by 34 votes) 24.6 %
Romney 24.5 %
Paul 21.3 %
Gingrich 13.3 %
Perry 10.3 %
Bachman 5.0 %
Huntsman 0.6 %


Caucus Entrance Poll Results

For more analysis and results from the Iowa caucuses, please visit our client/member sites:





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