Social Media Market Research

Social Media Research

iStock_000005893904XSmall.jpgMore and more companies and brands are reaching out on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with current and potential customers. Measuring the effectiveness of those efforts can be tricky, especially if your only source of data is social media monitoring or mining unstructured data online. Monitoring Twitter and other social data feeds can tell you how much share of online conversation your brand may have, but determining whether or not your efforts are truly changing consumers’ hearts and minds offline in stores, restaurants and shopping malls requires a marriage of server-based AND survey research.

Edison is especially adept at determining the effectiveness of your social media efforts with both online and offline methods, to provide a true 360 degree view of the real effectiveness of and return on your social media campaigns. Go beyond merely tracking “mentions,” and find out if your social presence influenced a purchase, referral or even moved a customer from awareness to consideration of your brand, product or service.

Edison is a recognized thought leader in social media research, and we have been tracking general consumer adoption of social media for several years in our continuing series of publicly-available research studies. Our recent study on Twitter, and our new look at frequent social networkers, are among the more comprehensive, representative and reliable reports on mainstream adoption of social media, and Edison’s custom research clients enjoy even deeper insights into how their customers’ online behaviors translate into offline actions.

Go beyond online monitoring and see why companies like CNN, Google, Disney, AMC Theaters, The Associated Press and CNN have trusted Edison to handle their research needs. For more information on Edison’s capabilities, contact us today!