Public Opinion Research Services

Measure…and Know

Edison Research offers public opinion research services to a wide range of clients. As the sole provider of election exit polling for ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC and the Associated Press, Edison adheres to the highest standards in survey methods. Edison applies those same standards to all its public opinion research projects. We carefully maintain our standing as a leading non-partisan provider of opinion research services and we pride ourselves on an unbiased focus.

Edison is a member of AAPOR (the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers) and follow the organization’s research guidelines. Joe Lenski, Edison’s Executive Vice President, serves as 2009-2010 President of the NY chapter of AAPOR.

Corporations, news organizations, magazines, broadcast and cable television networks, lobbying groups, PACs and trade organizations are putting our skills to use. Edison is an independent name of stature and recognition that will provide your company or organization with credible data you can trust and stand behind.

See why companies like CNN, Google, The Associated Press and America Online have trusted Edison to handle their market research needs. For more information on Edison’s capabilities, contact us today!