Movie Research

Movie Theater Research and Exit Polling

Edison Research has applied its skills and experiences performing political exit polls and consumer exit polls to provide research and insight to the movie industry, including national theater chains, entertainment companies and even advertisers who use theaters for out-of-home media campaigns. Edison combines the power of its 10,000-person national network of interviewers with its unique experience as the official providers of Election Day exit polling data to the major news networks, to create powerful, accurate and cost-effective consumer surveys.

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Movie Theater Exit Polling is not only useful in measuring consumer response to films, but also to measure the effectiveness of in-theatre advertising and marketing campaigns, including POS displays, interactive/video displays, print media and cinema screen advertising. Edison has experience with a number of US theater chains all across America to provide exit polling, interviews, and even online surveys of the movie-going public.

Edison recently partnered with AMC Entertainment to produce the 2009 Edison/AMC Best Picture Showcase Survey, a first-of-its-kind polling project to announce America’s pick for “Best Picture” amongst the five Academy Award nominees.

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