Consumer Exit Polling

Capturing Your Customers Where They Live… and Shop

Edison Research has applied its skills and experiences performing political exit polls to provide consumer research to businesses of all kinds. With our database of over 10,000 trained interviewers nationwide, Edison can research consumers almost anywhere. Consumer exit polls can provide a large amount of interviews with a targeted group often at a fraction of the price of other survey methodologies.

Edison will customize research to meet your goals. Studies can measure brand awareness, media effectiveness or return on investment. They can also test or evaluate products or services, or gain insight into consumer attitudes and preferences. Contact us to learn more about consumer exit polling and how it can work for you.

Some examples of research that Edison has conducted:

Movie Research

College Campus Intercept Study

Audience Estimates for In-store Media

Golf Course Advertising Effectiveness Study

Edison has successfully completed surveys at almost every imaginable venue where consumers are found, including:

* Airports

* Bars

* Bowling Centers

* Bus Stations

* Coffee Shops

* Concert Halls

* Conventions

* Cruise Ships

* Doctor Offices

* Festivals/Outdoor Events

* Full Service Restaurants

* Golf Courses

* Grocery Stores

* Health Clubs

* Movie Theater Research

* Museums

* Office Buildings

* Parking Garages

* Quick Service Restaurants

* Retail Stores

* School Buses

* Shopping Malls

* Stadiums

* Subway Stations

* Taxi Cabs

* Train Stations

* Truck Stops

* Veterinarian Offices