Jordan Market Research Services

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Jordan Market Research Services

Edison provides market and survey research services in many of the world’s most difficult-to-research nations, including Jordan. Edison combines its expertise in opinion research and unique proficiency with difficult, logistically complex surveys to bring our clients powerful market and opinion research capabilities in extremely complex and challenging environments.

Edison has been conducting research studies in Jordan, both nationally and in Amman since 2002. Edison had conducted media, consumer and government projects in Jordan and we have experience in many kinds of research methodologies. Edison’s long standing relationship with local research partners has enabled us to provide quality research at reasonable costs. And Edison staff travels to Jordan regularly to continually update supervision and training techniques with local staff.

Edison’s work in Jordan includes extensive media and audience measurement studies. Edison has now completed hundreds of weekly tracking studies for media properties in Amman.

Edison’s capabilities in Jordan include:

Quantitative Research

Consumer Surveys/Market Research
Public Opinion Polling
Media Research
Product Testing
Advertising Effectiveness Studies
Exit Polling
Music Research

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups
One-on-One Interviews
Ethnographic Studies