Egypt Market Research Services

egypt market research

Egypt Market Research Services

Edison provides market and survey research services in many of the world’s most difficult-to-research nations, including Egypt. Edison combines its expertise in opinion research and unique proficiency with difficult, logistically complex surveys to bring our clients powerful market and opinion research capabilities in extremely complex and challenging environments.

Edison has been conducting research studies in Egypt, both nationally and in major cities such as Cairo and Alexandria, since 2002. Our clients have come from government, media and trade organizations.

One study of note was conducted during the Avian Influenza crisis for a food exporting trade organization. Consumption of this group’s product had declined during this crisis and Edison’s was asked to help them learn more about public opinion on the matter. The goal was to help the members of this organization understand the concerns of consumers, the sources of information that consumers trust and to ultimately find effective means to educate the public. The results of the survey were used to develop strategies to effectively communicate facts about Avian Influenza in Egypt.

Edison’s capabilities in Egypt include:

Quantitative Research

Consumer Surveys/Market Research
Public Opinion Polling
Media Research
Product Testing
Advertising Effectiveness Studies
Exit Polling
Music Research

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups
One-on-One Interviews
Ethnographic Studies