Middle East Market Research Services

Middle East Market Research Services:
A Wealth Of Experience

Edison Research has established itself as one of the most experienced media and survey research companies working in the Middle East. Edison has worked with media, corporate and government clients throughout the Gulf States and the Levant, conducting weekly surveys in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco and other periodic survey research projects in Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Pakistan and Tunisia. Edison has developed expertise surveying both the native populations of these countries and other, more difficult-to-reach expat populations. For example, Edison has surveyed Iranians living in the UAE, and both Western and Asian populations in several areas of the Gulf region.

Edison recently conducted a large, multi-country survey of the region on behalf of a large policy group representing an American agricultural interest. This study measured public opinion and knowledge about health and welfare issues and how those perceptions influenced purchasing decisions. Those findings were used by our client to develop a successful marketing and public relations plan to promote their interests throughout the Middle East.

In addition, Edison has provided research for the U.S. Government-sponsored radio station “Radio Sawa” since 2001. Edison’s work with “Radio Sawa” began with the development of the station’s concept, and has continued through its current status as one of the most widely heard stations in the Middle East.

Edison is also pleased to announce a formal partnership to conduct research in Iraq. Edison combines its expertise in opinion research and unique proficiency with difficult, logistically complex surveys to bring our clients powerful market and opinion research capabilities in an extremely complex and challenging environment. You can read more about our Iraq Market Research Services here.

We are pleased to offer market research services in the following Middle East countries:

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