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For many moms, every day feels like judgment day

When you become a mom, you set out to do everything exactly right. You read all the books, do all your research and get the ‘must have’ items in preparation for a new life that you will be responsible for. The incredibly awesome (yet completely daunting) role of mother is one you continuously strive to perfect. Some days you score a hat trick and other days…not so much. While I think each of us is our own biggest critic, moms do feel like they are judged by other moms.

According to new data from The Research Moms, 64% of moms feel that their parenting decisions are judged at least sometimes by other moms. Breaking it down one step further, 24% feel their decisions are always judged by other moms.

Moms already feel the pressure to perform at their best all day, every day, but social media has taken that to new heights. For moms on social media, they feel scrutiny even a bit more.  About 68% of moms who use Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram feel their parenting decisions are judged at least sometimes by other moms.

In a world now where life is captured and shared immediately, acceptance or rejection is often measured in followers, likes and posts. The open forum of social media makes passing judgment easy and provides a certain level of anonymity. The role of social media is double edged for moms, since the openness that makes it authentic and real is the same pathway that allows for unwanted mom vs. mom critique.

judgment blog

Looking at moms in different stages of the parenting cycle, new moms live under a perceived microscope the most.   For first time moms, almost three quarters (72%) feel their parenting decisions are judged at least sometimes by other moms.   New residents to the motherhood, these women are still figuring out how to adapt to their new parenting role and they don’t want to fail, especially in the eyes of others.

With experience comes comfort. Moms of children who are age 18+ don’t feel as criticized.   The number drops to 58% for those who feel their parenting decisions are judged at least some of the time. Moms of young adult children have already been there and done that, they don’t feel the pressure from other moms to have a perfect score.

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How the study was conducted:

The Research Moms conducted a national online survey of 540 mothers with children age 21 and under in February 2015.

Moms and Media 2015 cover

Moms And Media 2015

It’s May, and that means it’s time for Moms and Media. In the 2015 edition of the report, which is drawn from the Infinite Dial series, we see strong reinforcement of mobile behavior and social networking. While mom continues to power on with her smartphone and tablet, she is consuming media in ways she hasn’t before, thus creating new media patterns and ramping up her already high usage of the Internet.

The data shows that moms are now averaging more than three hours per day online, with 30% logging in four hours or more.   Rewind back to 2000 and moms were not even spending thirty minutes with the Internet.

mom daily time with internet 2015

The draw of moms to the Internet is clear when we asked about which medium is the most essential. Moms spoke and they spoke loudly, with 59% stating the Internet. Television is a very distant runner up, being said by 30% of moms. Tracked to 2010, the Internet shows a clear upward trend, the only medium to show an increase. In 2015 the Internet has become the one place for a busy mom to go, she can get TV shows, music and news so she doesn’t need these other media as much anymore. She now has the Internet as her one stop media shop.

mom Internet most essential 2015

Internet usage will trend up and maintain its hold as long as mobile continues its march forward into the mom market, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.  Moms and Media 2015 shows us that 94% of moms own a cell phone, with 84% owning a smartphone. As they have been in the past, moms are out ahead of the total respondents 12+ from The Infinite Dial who came in with 71% smartphone ownership this year.

mom smartphone own 2015

Tablets are another device that moms are finding fancy with. In our report, 64% of moms own some kind of tablet. This is a significant increase from the 47% that we saw last year. Tablets continue to find favor with mom for their portability and functionality. Bigger than a smartphone but not a burden to tote, tablets offer the same mobile friendly experience while on the go and even more so while at home.

mom tablet own 2015

One of the biggest spin offs from moms being mobile is the ability to use more media simultaneously or while doing other activities. Online radio is one example of how moms are taking traditional media and transferring it to their mobile lifestyle. In this year’s study, 78% of moms have ever listened to online radio and almost half, 48% have cited listening in the last week. Compared to the total respondents 12+, moms are again showing more affection for new media.

mom online radio 2015

While moms have a pretty full schedule, they manage to find new time to listen to online radio.   Almost a third, 32% of moms said the time spent with online radio is new time, and not taken from other audio sources. This is a clear indicator that moms are listening in new patterns, while doing other things. The Internet and mobile devices are making it possible to consume media at any time and in any place.

mom new time 2015

To download the entire Moms and Media 2015 report, click here: Moms and Media 2015 Presentation


(Un)happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! It’s that time of the year again, when the weather gets warmer, the flowers start blooming, and the sappy Mother’s Day commercials start playing. Every year, we are reminded to express our love and gratitude to the woman, or women, who made us the people we are today – Moms. But are the phone calls and the cards and the flowers and the brunches really what mom wants? Are mothers celebrating their special day the way they want to? According to The Research Moms 2015 study, an online survey of mothers with children age 21 and under, not really.

When asked how they would best describe their typical Mother’s Day experience, only 48% of mothers said they get to choose how to spend the day. The majority of moms, on the other hand, admitted that their day isn’t really about them at all. This comes as a bit of a disappointment, given the estimated $19.9 billion spent on Mother’s Day, according to a 2014 Mother’s Day spending survey conducted by the National Retail Federation.




This data should make us pause and think about mothers and what they do. Whether they are new moms or experienced moms, stay at home moms or working moms, they are the glue that holds the family together. Any mom will tell you that motherhood is all day, every day. There are no lunch breaks, weekends, sick days, or vacations from this job. Being a mom means always putting the family first.

So while there are certainly lots of mothers who want to spend the day with their family, there are others who would love to do the things they sacrifice the rest of the year, whether it’s a hobby, a trip, a book, or even sleep! Maybe the best way to honor mothers is to give them a day off from their very important but consuming job and let them do whatever makes them happy.

So before giving mom that heart-shaped necklace or going to brunch this year, try asking her the simple question of, “How do YOU really want to spend Mother’s Day?” You just might be surprised at the answer!


How the study was conducted:

The Research Moms conducted a national online survey of 540 mothers with children age 21 and under in February 2015. For more on The Research Moms, click here.





Mom as CEO

For some, April means spring and warmer weather, while for others it means the mad dash to get your taxes done. Whether you got a refund or had to pay back, money management was on the brain this month. For moms who already run their household like a corporation, however, they’re not worried– they’ve got this.

According to new data from The Research Moms, 63% of moms manage household payments and budgets. Moms are the purchasing decision maker in the vast majority of families, and these modern moms are taking more control of financial tasks. On a daily basis, they are deciding what to buy, how much to spend and when to do it. Not only are moms planning and budgeting for the whole family, but well over half are also in control of their own separate finances. For those moms who are either married or in a committed relationship, 60% said they have a credit card or bank account separate from their spouse/partner.

Moms are driving retail strategies and marketing initiatives because of their decision making, spending power and active social media habits. With strong mobile tendencies, these household CEOs are within reach just about every minute of every day.

How the study was conducted:

The Research Moms conducted a national online survey of 540 mothers with children age 21 and under in February 2015. For more on The Research Moms, click here.


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Edison Research Announces Alliance With Australia’s Southern Cross Austereo

scalogoSouthern Cross Austereo and Edison Research Announce Strategic Alliance

Australia’s largest radio company, Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and Edison Research have announced a strategic relationship between their two companies.  This relationship will include bringing Edison’s research advancements to the Asia Pacific region, representation of SCA’s innovations in North America and in the future, a further deal that will allow SCA and Edison to work together throughout the APAC region.

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“We are delighted to announce this new connection between SCA and Edison,” said Guy Dobson, Executive Director – Metro Operations for SCA.  “Edison Research has distinguished itself as the leader in research and understanding of the entire audio space, led by what they’ve termed the ‘Infinite Dial’, where consumers have boundless choices.  As SCA charts its future in audio, we can’t think of a better partner to deliver us the latest insights.”

Edison Research President Larry Rosin said, “I couldn’t be more excited about furthering Edison’s international expansion with this link-up with SCA. The opportunities to develop strategies for the future of audio in Australia, combined with the potential to bring these advancements to all of the Asia Pacific region, creates enormous potential for both parties.”

For further information:

National PR Director
Southern Cross Austereo
T 02-9367-1063 M 0411-504-048
E Stella.Katsaros@sca.com.au

VP/Music & Programming
Edison Research
T 908-707-4707
E SRoss@EdisonResearch.Com