Beyond Country’s P1s

Edison Research’s Larry Rosin presented Beyond Country’s P1s at the Country Radio Seminar on February 22, 2012.

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Video Interviews

In addition to conducting a significant national quantitative study, our research team supplemented this work with a series of interviews with Country music fans. Video highlights of these interviews are presented below:

What do you love most about Country?

How long have you been listening to Country?

Old Country vs. New Country

Lyrics & Themes

What does Country music mean to you?

Country Crossover


How else do you listen to Country?

Radio Personalities

Parting Words for the Industry

How the study was conducted

Edison Research conducted a two-part study of Country music fans age 18-54. The first part was a national online survey of 1,024 Country fans. Sample was provided by Knowledge Networks. All survey respondents reported listening to Country radio or gave Country music a ‘4’ or ‘5’ on a 5-point scale. The demographics of our sample match the characteristics of Country fans nationwide by sex, age and race.  The second part of our research was a series of one-on-one interviews. These 32 in-person interviews were conducted in three markets: Hartford, Wichita, and Phoenix.  All participants reported listening to Country music. All interviews were conducted in the 4th quarter of 2011.

About Edison Research
Edison Research conducts survey research and provides strategic information to radio stations, television stations, newspapers, cable networks, record labels, Internet companies and other media organizations. Edison Research is also the sole provider of election exit poll data for the six major news organizations: ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NBC and the Associated Press. Edison Research works with many of the largest American radio ownership groups, including Entercom, Clear Channel, Citadel, CBS Radio, Bonneville and Westwood One; and also conducts strategic and opinion research for a broad array of companies including Time Warner, Google, Yahoo!, Sony Music, the Voice of America, See Saw Networks and Zenithmedia. Edison Research has a seventeen year history of thought-leadership in media research, and has provided services to successful media properties in South America, Africa, Asia, Canada and Europe.

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  1. Kay
    Kay says:

    My comment about this is more people would listen to country radio if the radio programmers listened to what the people listening wanted to hear. Sometimes station managers like to play God and not play music that fans request just because they aren’t a fan so fans just stop listening to the station and move on. It’s like the request line is a joke and the mediabase requesting means nothing. Until the people that program the stations playlist listen the fans are gonna listen on their ipods where they get what they want. If people are actually taking time to fill out mediabase forms and do the request whether online twitter on station site don’t u think it is smart to listen because apparently they cared enough to take the time to let you know and maybe they are tired of the same song being played a ridiculous number of times just because the station manager loves the old reliables Just my opinion


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