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If you are, you aren’t alone. Millions of Americans currently maintain profile pages on LinkedIn, and the business-focused social networking site has seen its user base (at least in the U.S.) grow by 300% since 2008. We’ve been tracking LinkedIn for several years in the Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia research series, and we’ve seen LinkedIn continue to be the “little engine that could” in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, despite the fact that awareness of LinkedIn is significantly lower than awareness of Twitter (as reported in our recent Twitter Usage In America report), usage is certainly comparable: 8% of Americans have a profile page on LinkedIn, while 7% report being Tweeters.


Much has been made recently of LinkedIn’s improved Twitter integration, which adds depth to the former service’s social offering and essentially makes LinkedIn a rich, business-centric Twitter client. Obviously this is a positive for LinkedIn, but what much of the reporting around these developments has overlooked is that it is potentially good for Twitter, as well. In fact, our data suggests that the majority of LinkedIn users do not use Twitter, so introducing “Tweets” into the ambient awareness of LinkedIn’s user base may in fact provide those users with subtle reinforcement of the potential benefits (business-related and otherwise) of sharing status updates with their extended network.

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  1. Jake Bergen
    Jake Bergen says:

    Incredibly enlightening stuff, thanks for the information! It blows me away at the hype surrounding Twitter, when usage is so much lower than Facebook and even lower than LinkedIn.
    I have a presence on each platforms, and I must say that my personal preferences run 1) Facebook, 2) LinkedIn and 3) Twitter. Twitter is great, but there is a lot more noise and spam floating around there than on other platforms.
    Again, thanks for the great information you produce, keep up the great work!
    Jake Bergen, Marketing Director
    Tractor Beam Marketing Inc.

  2. Cyndee Maxwell
    Cyndee Maxwell says:

    Tools like HootSuite make it much easier to maintain a presence and keep up with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter almost simultaneously. While going direct to the FB site enables more features, at least with HootSuite in the background I can keep up with the other sites very easily.

  3. Ed Bisquera
    Ed Bisquera says:

    It’s interesting to note that LinkedIn is much older than either Facebook or Twitter, but gets a back seat to the popularity. I really love using LinkedIn for the Groups interaction and connecting with like minded business professionals.
    If I’m going to spend time poking around websites all day, I think LinkedIn is where I’m betting my money on.
    Btw, you can connect to me on LinkedIn Tom (and anyone else for that matter! :-)
    Ed Bisquera on LinkedIn (edbisquera(AT) gmail DOT com
    Thanks for the info Tom!


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