An Early Harbinger Of The 2012 Election

On Tuesday, February 15th, Edison Research will be conducting its first election exit poll of 2011 at the special election primaries for the vacant South Carolina State House seat in House District #64.

So what makes this election worthy of an exit poll? There are two important things to watch for:

Stamp-south-carolina.jpgThe Republican primary provides the first opportunity to test what actual Republican primary voters in an early primary state think of the candidates who may be running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. The Edison Research exit poll will provide a snapshot of how the race currently stands among Republican voters in this small corner of South Carolina. We’ll be polling actual voters in this early primary about who their choice would be amongst the current field of potential candidates, including Romney, Palin, Paul, Huckabee, Gingrich, Pawlenty and DeMint.

Also, the Democratic primary features one of the most followed political characters of 2010, Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene, and his second attempt to win office. The Edison Research exit poll will provide insight in case Alvin Greene wins another surprise victory.

Check back here after the polls close in South Carolina at 7PM ET on Tuesday for exit poll results as well as our twitter feeds featuring our exit poll findings throughout the week. You can follow me (Joe Lenski) and Tom Webster on Twitter for up-to-date findings as they come in.

NOTE: The Republican turnout for this primary was extremely low (less than one-third the turnout for the Democratic primary), which precludes our posting data from Republican voters. For information on the Democratic primary for House District #64, click here.

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