A Carousel of Ads

39CA5525-F0AB-4E12-A593-5AE57F816B53.jpgMediaweek reports that Clear Channel and DoubleTake Marketing are bringing advertising to baggage carousels. Ads range from 20-foot segments to gigantic wraparound graphics that cover the entire belt. It will be interesting to see what brands go for this–travelers are certainly a potentially attractive advertising target, but nothing is more infuriating than waiting for your luggage to arrive, especially after a long international flight carrying thousands of bags! The image at right shows an example of brand advertising, but there are loads of possibilities to use a little humor and maybe even a contextually relevant call to action for travelers stuck waiting for their luggage. I’d love to see some efficacy measures for carousel marketing (consumer exit polls, perhaps?) because the physical movement of the belt opens up loads of creative ideas for narrative and engagement. Hope to see one next time I fly!

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